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Results Through

Is everyone on your team doing their best work everyday? Research suggests that most people are not fully engaged and some are actively disengaged.

Corestrengths can help you understand what drives people to give their best and love what they do.


Top 20 Company

Exquisite Connection congratulates CoreStrengths for being recognised by Training Industry, Inc as one of top 20 Assessment and Evaluation companies 2018. We are honoured to be the exclusive distributor of CoreStrengths in the region, and look forward to sharing the secrets of ‘Results through Relationships’ with more organisations!

What you will get out of the workshop

Assess Motives

When things are going well.

when there is conflict.

Communicate In The right Style

Effective style. 

Things to avoid.

Your Overdone Strengths

Know your reasons. 

Prevent overdoing.

Tan Weixi

International Speaker
Corestrengths Master Facilitator
Managing Director Corestrengths Indonesia

Weixi tan is really good in sharing his knowledge about the subject matter. He also has this unique way of encouraging everyone to participate which has been very effective.

You'll get

Award Winning Psychometric Tool


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Action Plan Report

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Our clients

“Corestrengths was founded in 1971. We have global offices in 14 countries and have helped over 2 million people in 30+ languages.”

From usual price 5 million IDR


4 Million idr (Early bird)

Latest payment acceptance by 19 October 2019



19 November 2019


From 9am - 5pm


All Seasons, Gajah Mada, Jakarta

About us

Corestrengths is an award winning psychometric tool from USA. Created in 1973 by Elias Porter and now has helped two million people worldwide get Results through relationship.

Our mission

We want to help individual and organization to achieve more and win more by understanding the motives of people and build effective communication.

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