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This website is owned by Exquisite Connection Pte Ltd (collectively “EC,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). We recognize the importance of protecting the information collected from individuals (“you”) who use our services, visit our websites, or otherwise interact with EC, and take reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity, and privacy of any information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


  • “Assessment” means an instrument, questionnaire, or inventory, such as the Strength Deployment Inventory (“SDI”) that is completed by Respondents for the preparation of Reports; or to provide information about a Respondent to the Respondent, EC, or EC Customers.
  • “Certified Facilitator” means an individual who has successfully completed one of our certification programs that can administer an Assessment to Respondents, and interprets the Reports or other output generated by EC to provide feedback to the Respondent(s) about the contents of the Respondent’s Reports.
  • “Customer” means an individual, business, or other entity that purchases EC’s Products or Services, or with which EC has a contractual relationship to provide Products or Services.
  • “Non-Personal Information” means information such as IP address, device information, cookie data, or other session data that cannot lead to an identifiable individual.
  • “Personal Information” means information such as name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, billing information, and account information, that is necessary for providing or receiving Products or Services of EC.
  • “Platform” means the offerings that we currently provide, such as Core Strengths and TotalSDI, and those that we may develop in the future.
  • “Products and Services” means the products and services promoted, sold, or available for sale by EC, such as our Assessments and Reports.
  • “Reports” means an analysis of the responses provided in connection with an Assessment, which reflects a Respondent’s responses to an Assessment. Reports may be dynamically displayed in our platforms, or statically displayed in print or electronic form.
  • “Respondent” means an individual who takes, will take, or has taken an Assessment.
  • “Sender” means an individual who invites a respondent to complete an Assessment and who has access to the Reports generated about the Respondent.
  • “Website” means this Website and any others owned and operated by EC.

What Information We Collect

If you visit our Website, we collect Non-Personal Information that is provided to us by your browser and through our log files. We may record some of this data in one or more cookies that we send to your browser (see “Cookies and Other Technologies”).

If you register or create an account, we require that you provide certain Personal Information during account registration. We collect your name, contact information, and may ask you for other optional information, such as a photo or an evaluation.

If you complete an Assessment, we collect your name, contact information, Assessment responses, session data, and other information you may choose to provide or associate with your account.

If you choose to receive marketing communications, we may collect information on the open rate and whether a specific individual has clicked on a link.

If you are a Customer or other business contact, we may collect your name and other contact information in the regular course of our interaction with you.

If you interact with third parties regarding our Products or Services, we may receive information about you, such as from Customers, websites where we advertise, business partners, and service providers.

Our Policy Towards Children, Children under 18 are not permitted to use the Website or our Platform without the consent of a parent or guardian.

How We Use the Information We Collect

To facilitate the use of our Platform, we use session data to enhance navigation, to avoid requesting identity information when the visitor moves from page to page, and in general to enhance the quality of our Platform. We may use aggregated session data to better understand how our Platform is navigated, as well as the types of browsers and computer operating systems that our visitors use, and the IP addresses of the visitors.

In connection with Assessments, we use the responses to an Assessment to score the Assessment and to generate Reports and other data related to the Respondent. We may combine data from multiple Respondents; combine Respondent data with our general research data; or compare or associate Respondent data with other Respondent data.

For security purposes, we may use IP addresses and session data to ensure a secure connection, to diagnose problems with our servers, and to administer our Websites and Platforms.

For marketing purposes, we may use email or other contact information to send marketing communications and will always provide an unsubscribe option.

How We Share the Information We Collect

Customers: If you take an Assessment sponsored by a Customer, that Customer may receive Reports based on the Assessment you took in order to provide you with relevant products and services.

Service providers: We may engage service providers to perform functions and provide services to us, such as customer relationship management, contract management, order fulfillment, hosting and maintenance, database storage and management, business analytics, and marketing. Pursuant to written agreements between EC and these service providers, each of these service providers only has access to the information necessary to fulfill its obligation to EC. Providers are not permitted to use the information for any purposes other than those directed by EC, and are required to act in a manner consistent with the principles outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Foreign Distributors or Partners, we may provide information to our distributors or partners in foreign markets to improve the Products or Services provided, and the use of such information is in accordance with the principles of this Privacy Policy.

Mergers & Acquisition; Bankruptcy, we may disclose, share or transfer some or all of our Customers’ information to or with the appropriate entity in preparation of the transaction, as part of the due diligence, or after the transaction has been finalized, so that the successor entity can continue providing our services to our Customers.

Law Enforcement; Litigation, certain federal, state, local, or other government regulations may require that we disclose information that we hold. We will use reasonable efforts to disclose only the information required under applicable law in response to a valid court order, warrant, or subpoena.

To defend or enforce our rights, EC may use information to protect itself, to prevent fraudulent activity, or where it is otherwise necessary to pursue available remedies. If a Customer neglects to pay amounts due and owed to EC, EC may send that Customer’s name, contact information, and account information to a third-party service provider for collection of overdue payments.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. We will post these changes in the policy and suggest you revisit periodically to stay informed of any changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or need assistance accessing, modifying, or closing your account, please contact us.

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