How to Coach Employees for Better Performance in the Workplace

Employees are one of organization’s most valuable assets. But did you know that only 15% of employees are engaged in the workplace? Which means that most of the employees are either viewing their workplace in a negative way or doing the bare minimum to make it through the day, with little to no emotional attachment (read more about employee engagement here).

Employees want to know how they are doing and how to improve. One of the best way to increase engagement are through employee coaching. Taking a coaching approach could help you successfully connect with your team and guide them towards improved performance. This is because coaching is a collaborative and consultative approach to managing employees. Start engaging your employees by giving them feedback and coaching based on their strengths.

Here are some tips to coach your employees for better performance in the workplace:

1. Implement Peer-Coaching and Establish Common Language

Coaching is not only about certification. It’s about practice, practice, and more practice! Leaders or team members should practice their coaching conversation skills with peer.

Before we start a coaching conversation in a team, it’s best to have a common language. A common language of what we should and should not do in a team. This can help prevent conflict and misunderstanding while the conversation is ongoing. Leader or team members should discover what could trigger conflict in his/her team and learn to prevent it. So the coaching conversation can go well as planned.

Leaders or team members should also recognize each other’s strengths to help them improve what they are already good at; rather than focusing on their weaknesses. For example: If someone from your group is good at analyzing things but not as good at being competitive and is slow to act. We shouldn’t focus on the weaknesses and let them play their role in the team as the research-guy and help them improve on their research.

There are many tools out there that can help you discover your team’s motivation and strengths in working. One of the best tool out there is Core Strengths, an award-winning psychometric tools recognized by Training Industry, Inc.

2. Get Into the Routine

The old ways of once a month or even once a year performance review doesn’t work anymore. In the world of VUCA, we need to be agile. So the coaching conversation need to happen much more frequently.

3. Train Your Employee

Training is something that is critical and paramount. With the emerging innovation of machine learning, the simple stuff will be taken over by AI. People need to be able to handle higher-level thinking and complex stuff. A training for coaching is much needed to improve people’s performance in the workplace. Core Strengths can help you discover people’s motivation and strengths in the workplace, hence helping people to coach for better performance.

To learn more about the best way to coach employees through common language, contact us for more info.  

Check out this video to find out 3 tips of coaching: