high performance leadership

One of the key challenges in today’s corporate environment is to provide effective leadership at all levels within the organisation. This is especially true for middle level management, who has to juggle the demands from senior management while leading subordinates towards the fulfilment of operational goals. 

This workshop enhances participant’s ability to lead and operate within a team, by increasing awareness of their own leadership style based on their motivations. Then it introduces fundamental principles of leadership to participants, so that participants can apply appropriate skills and techniques in different situations in order to achieve effective leadership back at the workplace.    

Who will benefit:

  •  New Managers 
  • Middle Managers

Workshop Outline

  •  Principles of leadership
  •  Corestrengths Profiling
  •  Different leadership type
  •  Types of power
  •  Motivation techniques
  •  Effective team decision making
  •  Change management
  •  Effective communication
  •  Conflict management
  •  Obstacles to team performance