Core Strengths facilitator certification download

Your organization has a unique culture and training needs — that’s why you need skilled internal facilitators.


Are you interested in becoming a facilitator? How about joining us and be a part of our community with more than 4,000 facilitator across the globe? By becoming a Core Strengths facilitator, you’ll learn how to introduce the powerful Results through Relationships workshop in your organization while meeting its unique culture and training needs. You’ll help team members communicate more effectively by understanding their own motives—and those of their coworkers— leading to improved communication and results.

As a Certified Facilitator:

  • Become an expert on delivering the Core Strengths: Results through Relationships workshop.
  • Master the administration of powerful assessments that give managers and teams throughout your organization a common language for understanding themselves and others.
  • Backed by the world’s most intelligent training platform, which combines our award-winning Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) assessment tool with next-generation facilitation technology.

“I went back to work with more confidence and focus—that surprised me. Learning how to access people’s motives and how I uniquely contribute my unique motivation was energizing. And I can better see and value what others bring to the table, instead of feeling misunderstood or frustrated because we have different motives. I now see how that’s a good thing and how it can work to our team’s advantage.” – Pamela Moss Senior Sales Consult, Equifax.

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