Relationship Effectiveness & Authentic Leadership at NEC Group

Effective relationship is now a mojor part of The National Exhibition Centre (NEC Group) in Birmingham. They have long been a household name in the UK, with around seven million people every year attend a NEC Group event to learn, conduct business and be entertained.

NEC Group’s Relationship Effectiveness& TotalSDI

NEC Group recognize the key to their success is to maintain quality of their award-winning services, by focusing on people and relationship. To facilitate this process, NEC Group use TotalSDI Relationship Awareness training as the golden thread througout their New Leader leadership development program, designed to enable their team leaders to develop the interpersonal skills needed to motivate their team of 2,000 full and part time staff to consistently perform at their best.

“TotalSDI is the heart and soul of the New Leader programme.”
Steve Russell, Learning and Development Consultant, NEC Group

Self-Awareness Key to Relationship Effectiveness

TotalSDI training takes each individual on a personal journey of self-discovery. Giving learners a greater understanding of why they behave the way they do, together with an appreciation of why behaviour changes in challenging circumstances – including how to manage the consequent personal conflict.
“Helping others to achieve their best is a key skill for Project Managers. Learning about the SDI Relationship Awareness Theory has really helped us to think smarter about how we can better motivate people on our projects”.
Andy Skinner, Senior Project Manager, NEC Group

Speaking a Common Language

To support their learning, the NEC Group leaders create their own action plan, detailing how they will implement the training to improve their professional relationships. Individual follow-up meetings are held to help participants embed authentic behaviour change.
Subsequently, it’s not unusual to hear team members talk a common language based around getting people to think about their own and other’s motivational values – and therefore how best to influence those they work with.

Powered by TotalSDI, the New Leader training programme continues to drive results through relationship – establishing itself as a key component for NEC Group to realise its commercial objectives, by achieving stronger individual performance, as well as an engaged workforce all pulling together as an effective team.