Critical thinking and problem solving

Business corporations are facing increasing pressure to stay ahead of their competitors. As such, promoting initiative and enterprising behaviours within the workplace can be beneficial in giving organisation the edge by becoming more effective and productive. The strategy of embracing innovation by converting creative ideas into practical applications has brought fortunes to many MNCs, including Apple and Google which is why the skills of critical thinking and problem solving is super needed. 

This workshop aims to improve participants’ ability to innovate and find novel solutions to meet challenges they face in the workplace. After introducing creative thinking techniques, participants will get a chance to explore how to overcome the barriers to individual and group creativity by applying these critical thinking skills to as part of their decision making process. 

Who will benefit:

  • Entry level managers
  • Mid Level Managers
  • Individual contributors
  • Workshop Outline:

  • Introduction to creativity
  • Developing new ways of thinking
  • Practise and implement innovative and enterprising behaviour
  • Identity, evaluate and manage risks
  • Examining alternatives
  • Integrating creativity into the decision making process