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Are you aware how much conflicts are costing you? Bet you didn’t know it can cause you a fortune. Based on CPP Global Human Capital Record: Workplace Conflict and How Businesses Can Harness It to Thrive;

  • 8% of employee ALWAYS deal with conflict in workplace
  • 21% of employee frequently deal with conflict in workplace
  • 56% of employee occasionally deal with conflict in workplace

So what caused this? Check out our info-graphic below!

Research shows that 49% of conflicts are caused by personality clash and 9 out of 10 employees claimed to have experienced it to some degree. People with opposing personalities cannot understand each other’s perspectives, therefore they fail to communicate and cooperate productively.

“Talent wins game, but team works and intelligence wins championship” – Michael Jordan

As we know, not one human is the same. Each and every one of us has our own strengths, motivation, and personality. Lack of understanding on each other’s personalities should not be a barrier that hinder communication and cooperation. What negative outcomes of workplace conflict have they witnessed?

  • 16% WERE FIRED

We have the answer here!

How much on average does a company spend on conflict? On average a company spend $17.95 on an average hourly wage, this amounts to $359 billion in paid hours, or the equivalent of 385 million working days, across the nation. Simply speaking, this is $50.96 (717,888 IDR) per week per employee, or $2,613.20 (36,812,932 IDR) per year. Can you imagine how much does your company spend when there are 10 people experiencing conflict?

How to handle this? To prevent cost of conflict in your organization, training is needed. You may think it’s not a required investment, but this really helps! A team bonding event and collaboration training totally can improve your team’s effectiveness in working together. You can have a psychometric training to know deeper on each other’s motives and strengths (behavior) to communicate and collaborate much easier with team member therefore, achieving better results through relationship. 

Want to know the exact cost of conflict in your organization? We save you the trouble of finding the perfect formula and come up with a conflict calculator. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can get:

Cost of conflict calculator to download
Cost of conflict calculator

The file will automatically downloaded after you fill out form below. Complete as much of the worksheet as possible; you may not know all the answers, so feel free to make estimates or assumptions.


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