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Exquisite Connection congratulates Core Strengths for being recognized by Training Industry, Inc as one of top 20 Assessment and Evaluation companies 2018. We are honored to be the exclusive distributor of Core Strengths in the region and are looking forward to be the only Indonesia training center you need; sharing the secrets of ‘Results through Relationships’ with more organizations!

Since its establishment in 2008 at Singapore, Exquisite Connection has grown from strength to strength, establishing a reputation as a key Human Resource Business Partner to many organizations who seeks an external boost to their existing capabilities.

We realized through our work that for positive change to be sustained, a critical ingredient was to address the ‘human side’ of organizational development other than streamlining of processes. However, despite proclaiming that human capital is the most important element of an organization’s success, many companies lacked information about the human dynamics within the company. Through our experience using CoreStrengths, we believe we have uncovered the secrets of achieving better results within your organization.

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Core Strengths: Training Center Indonesia

We have developed a framework that helped over 3 million people getting more out of their relationships in high stakes situations. Our process is proven, practical, and effective. With decades of experience in facilitating, our training center in Indonesia have developed skills in helping people communicate effectively. As a result, unlocking the secret of better collaboration, engagement, conflict management, and personal accountability. We are more than happy to share what we know with you! Learn more below.

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Interactive Training Techniques for instructors led training

Looking for more tricks to spice up your workshops?

Who Will Benefit:

Trainers, Facilitators, Instructional Designers, Performance Consultants
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High Performance Leadership

Want to learn the secret of eliciting the best performance out of our team?

Who Will Benefit:

New Managers and Middle Managers
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Foundations of Business Analysis

What is the difference between business analysis and project management?

Who Will Benefit:

Business Analyst, Anyone engaging in Business Analysis work, Anyone working in Project Environment
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Agile Fundamentals

Why are so many businesses turning to Agile frame of mind to operate in an increasing VUCA environment?

Who Will Benefit:

Project Managers, Business Analyst, Program Managers, Business Leaders
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Critical thinking and Problem solving

The threat of automation and machine learning is real. Learn critical thinking and problem solving skills to 'future-proof' ourselves

Who Will Benefit:

Entry Level Managers, Mid Level Managers, Individual Contributors
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Team Bonding

How do we cascade the necessary company values to the next generation? What are the pillars upon which our team should build upon?

Empowering Change
Enhancing Relationships
Enriching Minds

Every organization have a unique training needs – Become a facilitator in your company!

Our two days Facilitator Certification (Train The Trainer) Workshop allows you to deliver training on your own using Core Strengths platform – an innovative delivery platform contains video vignettes and intuitive curriculum. Find out more below!

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Want to know the secrets of coaching for better performance? Join our mailing list to download the free guide!